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I know I am not alone in welcoming spring to Atlanta! As nature goes about its busy spring business, the team at MIS is similarly engaged in building and planning for our inaugural year. Before a couple of updates, I'd love to thank the community and a few very dedicated individuals who are making the MIS vision come alive for a number of students who may not otherwise have been able to attend. While I have been quite focused on curriculum and strategic planning, teacher recruiting, facility work, and admissions processes, other committed volunteers have taken the initiative to secure six scholarship sponsors for students in the upper grades. This supplements our internal budget for financial assistance, and these scholarships are renewable through a recipient's tenure at MIS. Candidates should complete the MIS application process, be admitted to the school, and then fill out the financial assistance application to apply. 

Summer Camps Available
Midtown International School is offering 4 weeks of camps this summer for students entering 1st-5th grades.

July 8-12         Garden Greens    
Participants explore the science of horticulture, with emphasis on problem-solving in the natural world, experimenting with the effects of a variety of growing methods, and keeping detailed lab and field journals documenting their research and findings. 

July 15-19       Energy in Crisis
Working in teams, participants power through a global energy crisis. Academic focus includes mastery of a number of research tools, collaborative problem-solving, and development of a quality presentation.

July 22-26       STEM from Creativity
Divergent thinking brings knowledge and skills from disparate subjects together to form a creatively new solution. Participants are faced with real challenges that only a unique solution from science, technology, engineering, and math can solve.

July 29-Aug 2  Innovation in the Arts
Visual arts integration in a number of subject areas creates a conduit for thinking and learning about all subjects in new ways. Participants read, reflect, compose, and create masterpieces using their studies of history and science as a guide.

To learn more or register for camp, visit our Summer Camps page.

Kindergarten Classrooms 

When we planned our 2013-2014 school year, we projected one classroom per grade level for the school year.  Due to the overwhelming number of qualified kindergarten applicants, we are opening a second classroom for the 2013-2014 year.  As we follow a rolling admissions policy for all applications after March 1st, all additional applications will be reviewed in the order they are received. All classes have no more than 12 students.

Conference Highlights

This week four of us attended the Georgia Association for Gifted Children Conference, specifically themed on integrating STEM into a model such as ours. I'm energized by the idea that we have the systems and faculty in place to implement these best practices, and especially enjoyed the focus on using science, math, engineering, and technology to close the gap between opportunity and potential for our high-achieving students.

In February, I and two of our faculty members attended the Learning & the Brain Conference in San Francisco, and had the opportunity to collaborate with neuroscientists, researchers, and 1500 educators from around the world. We were thrilled that the keynotes confirmed our commitment to new learning models for innovation and creativity. Our strategies and curriculum are not only reflecting current research, but are uniquely bringing this new knowledge into the realm of practice. I was honored to get resumes from individuals from all over the country, with whole-hearted appeals to please come bring this model to their areas. What a great sign that is for the future of education! Trustees, Faculty, and Renovations

I mentioned in the last update that the trustees would be selected and would be working through the strategic planning and budget review. We will shortly be updating our website with information about our trustees and publishing our strategic plan.   

Faculty selection is nearing completion as well! The final panel interviews are wrapping up, and it has been an energizing yet challenging couple of months as I have had the opportunity to interview hundreds of the best teachers from around the world. Thank goodness for video conferencing! The outpouring of interest in our school signals a paradigm shift at the grassroots level in education, which, of course, I am thrilled to see. 

The renovations will commence as I finish these final interviews. Our fantastically patient builders are giving me a bit of extra time in my temporary office! 

As always, our website is a great place for more detailed information about Midtown International School and news on where we are on the path to the first day of school. 
<![CDATA[First Quarter Newsletter]]>Wed, 23 Jan 2013 03:46:48 GMThttp://www.midtowninternationalschool.com/news-and-events/first-quarter-newsletterDear Prospective Parents and Community Members,

Happy New Year! I am tremendously excited to share with you some of the developments at MIS from the last month as well as some of our important milestones for the next few weeks. Thank you all for your kind and generous well-wishes and support as we build and grow!
Midtown International School has established a number of community, national, and worldwide partners in education. These partnerships enhance our curriculum and instruction by giving our students and faculty access to resources, experts, experiences, and knowledge in a variety of fields:

Atlanta Botanical Gardens
Young Audiences and the Woodruff Arts Center
Education First: Global Travel Partners
Fernbank Museum of Natural History

School Memberships 
We are also honored to have these professional affiliations and memberships that offer teachers, trustees, and parents more resources to make effective decisions for our young learners:

Learning and the Brain Society
American Educational Studies Association
Georgia Association for Gifted Children
National Association for Gifted Children
STEM Network with NAGC
Special Interest Group for Twice Exceptional Learners
American Society for Engineering Education
National Science Teachers Association

Family interviews are currently being scheduled for prospective students who have completed the application process.  With just 12 students accepted per grade level, we strongly encourage families who are interested in applying to MIS to submit their application as early as possible. The application is available online.

What are we looking for in the application, portfolio, teacher letter, and interview? Successful students at MIS demonstrate enthusiasm and engagement in the learning process. Even though our curriculum follows an enrichment model for all students, testing and qualification for gifted programming is not necessary. Our curricular model, with over 20 years of worldwide research and development, has found that student engagement and enthusiasm for learning are the best indicators for success in this type of program.
Teachers are the critical foundation of any educational endeavor. Over 200 qualified teachers from around the world have applied for our teaching positions. Each applicant was asked to respond in writing to a series of essay questions; their passion for teaching and learning, their robust educational philosophies, and their dedication to the profession and our future leaders have been a pleasure to read.  Interviews have commenced! 
Over the next several weeks some important milestones will be met:
  • The MIS Board of Trustees will be formally selected and announced in February.  They will finalize the strategic plan and create a plan of action to meet the 2013-14 MIS Board of Trustee Charges. All of these documents will be available in February. We're getting lots of questions about our plans for middle grades--those details are outlined in the strategic plan.
  • Demolition is scheduled to begin when the interviews (family and teacher) are complete.  The architect and contractor have developed plans that have exceeded our expectations in the layout and design of the learning environments. If you have not had an opportunity to see the plans, visit our Facebook page or schedule a meeting with me at MIS.
  • Candidate interviews are scheduled through early February, and faculty will be selected within that month. 
  • All key systems and school infrastructure are set up for implementation in the coming weeks. This includes everything from our database and report cards to online school lunch ordering and parent communication tools.  
As always, our website is a great place for more detailed information about Midtown International School and news on where we are on the path to the first day of school. 

Ande Noktes
Founder and Head of School
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