Arts at MIS

At Midtown International School, the Arts are recognized as an essential part of our everyday life. MIS offers a wide variety of arts classes to develop and nurture the students’ unique gifts and talents. The students can create their own arts experience and learn through theatre, sculpture, drawing, photography, music, and film studies. The classes are enriched through carefully selected field trips to arts institutions such as the High Museum of Art or the Atlanta Symphony or visits to local artists. All of our arts classes encourage and develop a growth mindset through a process oriented creative curriculum and an emphasis on intentional thinking through design. The Arts at MIS promote empathy and enable students to collaborate, communicate, and cultivate a spirit of community in which learning can be fun.

Upcoming Events

Location: In-school and off-campus

December 1st
Winter Artist Market
@ Midtown International School
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December 11th
Winter Concert
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MIS Theatre is devoted to building student confidence, knowledge, and growth.

MIS Theatre designs intentional projects and performance opportunities that challenge students to explore, expand, create, and collaborate both on and off stage. Working within a nurturing and safe environment, students focus on producing quality performance through solid theatrical principles.

Blue Box Theatre

MIS Middle School Theatre B did a magnificent job performing their first project: Intentional Character Development taking a scene from INSIDE OUT “Dinner Scene” They did two versions – This is version one.


Tone Lane

Theatre & Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Public Speaking and Presentation is creating the speakers and presenters of tomorrow that want to be heard and seen. PSP students are engaged with the tools and principles that are currently being used in today’s thriving business, social media, visual and audible platforms.

Don’t You Dare Say UM

“Don’t You Dare Say UM” is an annual public speaking competition where students train and compete for first place. Speakers are judged on voice, diction, body/gesturing, and content relevance. They are given a topic and have one minute to successfully deliver a speech without saying “UM” or UGH.” In addition, there is a 4 second delay rule in place.

Visual Arts

A young student holding a paintbrush and her teacher, sitting at a table and leaning toward one another, smiling

In the MIS Visual Arts studio, students will recognize themselves as creative and capable artists, and understand how visual arts has a place in culture and society.

The MIS Visual Arts program allows students to develop their artistic skills through a challenging and engaging art curriculum. The MIS Visual Arts Department strives to give students the opportunity to develop their creative-thinking and problem-solving skills as they explore a variety of mediums and techniques and apply them to their own unique works of art.

The MIS Visual Arts department believes that all students have a natural desire to create and visually express themselves, their ideas, and their curiosities, and therefore each student receives instruction and support that best benefits his or her needs. Student achievement is based on the individual progress of a student and their ability to work through challenges, towards the completion of their own artwork.

Lower Grades

Kindergarten through 4th grade students will use their imagination and creative-thinking skills to generate ideas and express themselves through their artwork. Students will be given the opportunity to explore a variety of mediums and art techniques to strengthen their artistic skills while learning about other cultures and making real life connections. Students will brainstorm, visualize, and sketch on their own and with a group to develop their ideas from start to finish, and understand that art is a process. Throughout the school year, students will participate in art exercises and work on various works of art that focus on one or more of the Elements of Art and Principles of Design.

Middle Grades

In middle school, students will examine their own art progress and use critical-thinking skills to improve their art techniques in various mediums. They will make a greater effort in creating meaningful works of art that capture their own thoughts and ideas on selected themes and issues. They will brainstorm, visualize, and sketch on their own and with a group to continually develop their ideas before working on a final piece. Throughout the year, they will discover their own style of art, while gaining an appreciation for art history. They will make intentional choices with one or more of the Elements of Art and Principles of Design, and practice giving and receiving constructive feedback while they discuss their own work and that of their peers.

Upper Grades

In high school, students are given the opportunity to explore and focus on the following art disciplines: Sculpture, Digital Photography, World Dance, Playwriting, Animation, and Film & Media Studies.

Media Literacy

Media is everywhere. For many of us, going a single day without interacting with or consuming some form of media is a rarity. Because we’re surrounded by so much media so much of the time, it’s easy to forget that media products and messages are deliberately constructed within a specific place and time, that each media form carries its own specific language, that making sense of these products and messages can be a complex process, and that the things we see, read, play, and hear in our various media has a real effect on how we make sense of our social reality. That’s where media literacy comes in. Media literacy will help students actively approach the media they love with a more critical and thoughtful eye and resist the urge to simply become complacent consumers.

Instructor: Munib Rezaie

Film Studies

In Film Studies, students will explore the history, development, and aesthetics of film as a technology, a business, and an art form, and be sensitive to how the films we see today owe huge debts to films of the past. Students will play a big role in deciding the main topics to be covered throughout the course of the semester. As such, the course will likely vary at each offering. Of particular importance throughout the course will be the practice of questioning the very assumptions of what has driven historiographers to document certain occurrences in film history, sometimes to the detriment of others. Naturally, questions of race and gender play a big role in these paths of query, and students will learn to respectfully engage with such questions in a safe environment dedicated to the thirst for knowledge.

Instructor: Munib Rezaie

Digital Photography

Our teachers are busy making amazing things happen in their creative spaces. Website updates will be made soon.

Instructor: Kate Bachner-Allen


Our teachers are busy making amazing things happen in their creative spaces. Website updates will be made soon.

Instructor: Kate Bachner-Allen


Students at MIS dive immediately into music and get a hands on learning experience.

Through the integration of music, movement, and speech, the students build a foundational understanding of music and musicianship and instill lifelong learning with and through music.

Students experience a broad variety of musical impressions, and learn about ways to musically express themselves through singing, dancing, playing instruments, listening to music, and music theory.

von Neumann_Kyle

Kyle von Neumann

Band Instructor

Band is offered as an elective in middle and high school.

Band provides the opportunity to develop, continue, and expand basic skills on wind and percussion instruments. Students of all proficiency levels collaboratively engage in learning and performance opportunities. Some of the goals are: introducing students to the fundamental skills of playing a musical instrument; developing and reinforcing the fundamentals of music theory skills; and providing students with ensemble and performance experiences. The students perform at various school ​concerts.


Andrew Schmidt

Music and Chorus Instructor

The MIS Chorus is offered as an elective starting in fourth grade.

Chorus emphasizes on vocal development, music comprehension, and the study of a variety of choral repertoire. The students develop basic vocal techniques and skills including: awareness, good posture, tone quality, diction, and vocal health. The students also focus on understanding and practice of basic elements of music including music reading skills. The students perform at various school concerts.

Culinary Arts


Latisha Rodgers


If you are a new family to MIS or a returning one, I want to first introduce myself. My name is Chef Tish, the Head Chef here at MIS and Culinary Arts Instructor. I am really excited to start the third year of our MIS Nutrition program which caters to local and seasonal cuisine. We have started a curriculum based garden to show and teach the students just how wonderful it is to grow and nourish your own food source. This teaches and plants a single idea in their mind: self-sustainability. The name of this concept is “Farm to Table;” in our case it would be “Farm to School.” The selections of dishes are not only inspired by our local farmers and Georgia crops, but internationally as well. The menu is constructed to incorporate a local and international fusion. The food is intended to reflect our students desire to travel and mission to understand the world in a diverse and multicultural environment.