STEM Teacher Training at MIS

The teacher education program at Midtown International School has been developed to empower today’s educators to confidently guide students through STEM lessons. With week long, day and Academic Coaching offerings, our facilitators will guide teachers through the foundations of teaching STEM confidently.

Demystifying Robotics in the Classroom

We will break down robotics into easily replicated lessons spanning topics such as making a simple¬†circuit, safely hacking motors and components from old electronic devices as well as look into market devices such as Beebots and LEGO EV3’s. $450

Open Ended Engineering: Using MakerSpace to its Fullest

MakerSpace, a buzzword in education today, is quickly evolving from a novelty to a necessity. Upon completion of this module, educators can expect to leave with a full command of the engineering design process and the basic supplies necessary to begin growing a MakerSpace program in their classrooms. $450

Academic Coaching

Led by content area experts, the STEM Teacher Training program provides customized training and implementation plans that move schools beyond the basic STEM programs.

Summer Sessions

June 4-8, 2018

June 11-15, 2018

For more information, contact Jordan Byrd at: